Riding the COVID wave: What extreme care taught me about control.

The novelty of COVID isolation is wearing thin. We’ve baked enough bread, watched enough Netflix, and we desperately want to return to our daily lives where we feel we have some measure of control. At the moment many of us are struggling with an utter loss of control in our daily lives. Our regular routines […]

Mothers Day Reflections 2020: Visiting fairies and finding rainbows.

On the wall behind my desktop computer hangs a small wooden door. The door is painted a robin’s egg blue and depicts a tiny fairy seemingly floating atop a garden of flowers. The idea of a fairy door is that when you are not looking fairies quietly visit your utilitarian space, perhaps leaving behind some […]

Caregiving, vulnerability, and COVID: What did you expect?

Most mornings I read the Globe and Mail before tackling my day. Today’s headline outlined the spiralling death toll due to coronavirus in long term care facilities. Over the last several weeks there have been numerous articles discussing the impact of COVID-19 on people with disabilities and underlying health conditions, particularly those who rely extensively […]

COVID-19, Feminism, and Caregiving.

Caregivers, paid and unpaid, often bear the brunt of outbreaks. Paid caregivers cannot work remotely and many front line care providers are poorly paid, have little job security, and have limited benefits or none at all. They are forced to work sick – both because financially they need to, but also because people need to […]